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Police storm Kitengela strip club, arrest management

By Stanley Ngotho September 18th, 2022 2 min read

Police in Kitengela raided what is believed to be a notorious strip club last night and arrested the manager after an out cry by the public.

A contingent of police officers accompanied by Kajiado County Liquor and alcohol licensing board chairman Jonah Marapash raided the club at around 1am.

By the time of the swoop ,the Motherland dingy bar along the busy Namanga highway was full to capacity, blaring music was rife and several ladies were reportedly entertaining revelers in compromising position.

Also, there were reported orgy scenes at play.

Bouncers frisked customers before they were allowed into bars set on temporary tents and sea containers. The silent rule was no one was allowed to record the orgy scenes using mobile phones.

Some of the revellers were also said to be consuming banned substances.

“I came for the first day to confirm the rumours. Its barbaric, immoral and unacceptable in the society. Relevant authorities ought to have moved with speed to stop it immediately it started operating, ” a reveller told Nairobi News.

Police officers arrested the lady acting as a manager before the liquor and alcohol licensing board chairman Johah Mararpash ordered the club closed.

The liquor licensing board boss said the club was operating without any trading license contrary to the law saying the striping and orgy scene he witnessed will not be tolerated.

“I went in myself and I witnessed immorality of the highest order. The owner has been operating without any license from the board. The board have not issued any license to a striping club across the county. I have ordered the closure of the club,” said Marahpash.

He further added that such swoop will be replicated in other Kajiado satellite towns and asked the public to volunteer information on such outlets.

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