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Police on the spot in students gang-rape incident

Police in Embu are on the spot after five college girls were raped and their valuables stolen on Thursday night, with an administrator condemning police inaction.

Embu County Commissioner Esther Maina accused police of laxity after it emerged that the girls, who are students at Embu College, had made a distress call which was dismissed by the police who said they didn’t have transport.

Ms Maina appealed to the police to make regular foot patrols especially in areas where students reside, to ensure they are crime free.

She said that they had resolved to increase police presence in residential areas through foot patrols to boost confidence among residents.

“The police, the AP are asleep and I want to tell their commanders to wake up and work. If they are not interested in working, they should pack up and go. We cannot be having cases of rape within residential areas and the police only act after it has already happened,” she said.


Five college students hospitalized after being gang raped

The five girls, aged 19-23 years, have been discharged from hospital. They  gave gory accounts of the ordeal they underwent.

They recounted how the rapists terrorised them for over an hour, defiling them in various rooms and ransacking their suitcases.

“They ordered us to hand in mobile phones and money. At one point, they threatened to set on fire one of the rooms and even doused it with paraffin,” said one of the students.

The students said they made frantic calls to the AP line which is just about 100 metres away but they were told that they didn’t have transport.

They were only rescued about three hours later by a prison warder.