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Police teargas journalists covering Kibera protests

Police lobbed teargas canisters at media corps covering protests in Kibera slums after the IEBC declared President Uhuru Kenyatta as the winner of the Tuesday presidential vote.

KTN News showed live pictures of the canisters being thrown at the pressmen along Karanja Road.

KTN reporter Duncan Khaemba, who has since been arrested for wearing protective gear while covering the protests, said the officers had instructed them not follow them.

“They are telling us not to cross a certain boundary as they go on with their operation,” he said.

“They (officers) are more lenient on local media, though, but accuse the international media of blowing the situation out of proportion.”

The media corps in Kibera found themselves in a catch-22-situation after the residents accused them of betraying them at their hour of need.

There were claims that police harassed and brutalized Kenyans in the slums overnight after the announcement, “while the media remained silent”.