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Police teargas family house after call from minister’s daughter -PHOTOS

A family is now counting losses after rogue police officers threw tear gas into their house following a complaint from a neighbor of loud music.

It was just a normal Sunday night where Margaret Mulekye was in the company of her husband and a few invited guests at her house in Komarock phase 5.

A neighbour, who is believed to be a daughter of a Cabinet Secretary, went to complain to the couple of noise.

However, the conversation between the complainant and the couple did not go very well.

A woman lies unconscious in the aftermath. PHOTO | COURTESY
A woman lies unconscious in the aftermath. PHOTO | COURTESY

“This is not the first time we have had these arguments with this particular neighbour. A while ago when our house was undergoing some renovations she complained nonstop of the workers making noise, something that was beyond our control,” said Ms Mulekye.

She says there was no way the music was too loud since they had children inside the house who were asleep.

In addition her immediate neighbour, who should have been the most affected did not complain.

The conversation ended with the complainant giving them an ultimatum: “this is the last time I’m going to complain about noise.”

A broken window pane. PHOTO | COURTESY
A broken window pane. PHOTO | COURTESY

Minute’s later, regular police officers showed up at the house.

“When the police arrived everything happened so fast, first they were questioning us, all over sudden a team of APs came causing my husband to react and that is when they threw teargas canisters,” she says.

Those affected were the sleeping children and a pregnant woman who was among the invited guests. Luckily no one was injured.

“They have destroyed most of my house equipment, including my leather sofa sets, big screen television among other things and on top of it they arrested my husband. I am wondering who is going to compensate me,” she said.

Destroyed property. PHOTO | COURTESY
Destroyed property. PHOTO | COURTESY

Kayole OCPD Joseph Gichangi confirmed the incident, saying they received a complaint from one of the residents complaining of loud music from her neighbors.

The police responded by going into the residence and finding the gate closed, he said. They then went away since no one was opening the door for them.

“A second team was then dispatched and they were allowed in and an altercation ensued between the police and one member of the house where the music was coming from who attacked a police officer,” said Mr Gichangi.

“The incident has been reported in the occurrence book although it does indicate that Tear gas was used, so I am yet to confirm if tear gas was used.”