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Police unmask slain Mirema man’s ‘drug queens’

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives have revealed the identities of some 12 women, who are believed to part of drinks-spiking syndicate under the command of a man who shot dead in broad daylight on Monday in Kasarani’s Mirema area.

They include Esther Wangari Ndungu, Florence Wanjiku Njoroge and Victoria Wanjiku Thuku, who had been arrested in the recent past as cases of stupefying hit alarming levels both in Kiambu and Nairobi counties.

With the demise of their boss, Samuel Mugo Muvota, operations at the “Pishori” empire have come to a standstill.

Detectives said most of the women are leaving Nairobi for their rural areas and watch how matters unfold in what the police believe is a move to evade justice. The DCI has, however, issued a stern warning saying it will not be business as usual in the clubs that they have operated in.

These women were deployed to various high-end entertainment spots on Kiambu Road, Ruaka-Kamiti Road and Roysambu and Zimmerman to drug revellers.

The joints include Club Switch in Kasarani, Whisky River on Kiambu Road, Red Lion in Ruaka, Oklahoma Choma Zone, Lacascada, Aroma, Backroom, Mkwanju, and Dragon.

Men, who have been drugged in the past, told the Nation that they lost valuables and were unable to follow up on the cases following frustrations by the police.

Muvota left behind at least seven wives and several children, according to the police.

The Nation learnt that one of the reasons why it was hard to pin the syndicate down was their use of bank accounts swindled from unsuspecting young men who were being duped to open them as prerequisite for getting government jobs.

After trailing the accounts the stolen money had been transferred to, detectives would end up arresting innocent persons, including university students whose bank accounts may have never held huge deposits.

Additional reporting by Mary Wambui