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Police vehicles seized amid denials of escorting ‘Prophet’ Owuor

By ERIC MATARA December 30th, 2018 1 min read

Police in Nakuru have impounded three police vehicles for being outside their stations of duty without proper authorization.

County Police Commander Hassan Barua has however refuted claims that the vehicles were part of the 40-vehicle motorcade that escorted preacher Dr David Owuor during his arrival in the town on Friday evening.

The police boss insisted that the vehicles were out of their duty stations without proper work tickets that indicate they had been authorised to move outside their stations of work.

“Yes police are holding three police vehicles which were found to have left their stations of duty without proper authorization. They have been detained at the Rift Valley Regional police Headquarters,” said Mr Barua.

“They have not been impounded because of escorting Dr Owuor, ” he added.

Nairobi News has established that two of the vehicles belong to Tharaka and Kabete Police Stations.

Mr Barasa was cagey on the whereabouts of the drivers who were driving the vehicles at the time they were impounded.