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Police visit rural home of KK security guard in Sh25m theft

Police are looking for a company employee believed to have stolen Sh25 million at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport last week.

According to Kenya Airports Police Unit deputy commandant David Rono Bunei, the worker carried out the theft with three colleagues .

KK Cash Transfer said Mr Handson Nyasaka picked up the cash from GT Bank in Nyali and boarded a Kenya Airways plane. The money was to be delivered to the bank’s headquarters in Nairobi.

However, after reaching JKIA at 9.30am, the worker disappeared with the $50,000, 98,500 Euros and 90,000 Swiss Francs.

The police boss said the company reported the matter two hours after the man disappeared.


A team of investigators visited Mr Nyasaka’s rural home on Sunday but could not trace him.

Investigations have also pointed to a possible involvement of the controller at KK Security headquarters in Westlands “who sent the team, including senior staff and armed police officers, to terminal 1A instead of 1D”.

When the team contacted the controller again, he later sent it to the correct terminal.

However, Mr Nyasaka had already vanished and switched off the phones.

Detectives arrested the controller and another employee for interrogation.

KK Group Chief Executive James Omwando said investigations were at an advanced stage but the worker had not been apprehended.

In March 2014, another KK Security employee, Mr Julius Rotich, disappeared with Sh21.6 million, which he was taking to the company headquarters.

Mr Rotich, who was travelling alone after being entrusted with the money which was in dollars, left Moi International Airport aboard a Kenya Airways plane but was never seen after arriving at JKIA.

He had been escorted to the airport by armed police officers who did not board the plane. After alighting, he never got in touch with colleagues who were waiting for him.