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Police warn traffic offenders ahead of Easter break

Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has warned that motorists who test positive for driving while intoxicated at checkpoints during Easter will face the full force of the law.

The police boss also urged motorists to exercise extra caution on the road.

He further warned that road traffic units will be conducting high visibility checkpoints and carrying out extra patrols over the long weekend holiday.

He assured Kenyans of their safety even as the country gears up for a long weekend, punctuated with celebrations by Christians.

Koome cautioned the public against overindulgence in alcohol during the season.

“With roads expected to be very busy, traffic officers will remain watchful to ensure free flow of traffic, compliance with traffic regulations, enforcement of traffic rules, and provision of assistance to public as need be,” he said.

“We have equally deployed adequate personnel in public places including major highways, shopping malls, airports, railway and bus stations, places of worship, and recreational centers.”

He called on the public, owners of social places, and churches to remain vigilant by increasing their surveillance.

The IG also warned motorists against flouting traffic rules, noting that police officers will be on high alert.

“We, therefore, appeal to all road users to comply with traffic rules by buckling up, adhering to speed limits, avoiding overloading and reckless driving, driving while texting, and driving un-roadworthy vehicles.

Motorists are advised to consider exercising patience and caution since the roads are also likely to be wet due to the ongoing rains.

“Accordingly, the National Police Service has put in place elaborate and stringent measures to protect life and property,” Koome added.

As has been the norm, Kenyans based in Nairobi and other urban centres will likely travel to their village homes to spend time with their loved ones during Easter.

Meanwhile, the Police have increased patrols in Nairobi during the Easter season.

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