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Police yet to arrest gang caught on tape breaking into Roysambu house – VIDEO

Police are yet to arrest two burglars who were caught on surveillance video on Tuesday afternoon breaking into a house and walking away with household items.

This is despite the video clip going viral on social media. Kasarani OCPD Robinson Mboloi told Nairobi News that he is aware of the circulating clip.

“Yes I am aware of the said video but I have not yet personally watched it and once I do I will know what to do. For now I cannot comment on something that I have not seen,” Mr Mboloi said.

The incident in Roysambu estate was captured by CCTV cameras fitted in the building’s which the suspects seemed unaware of.

The two men, both clad in t-shirts and jeans, can be seen talking on the phone before breaking into the house.


The entire robbery took five minutes and although the thugs left fingerprints all over, police are usually unable to crack such cases because Kenya does not have a forensic laboratory.

The billions that were meant to set up such a facility, which would enable police officers to identify the thugs within minutes, was pocketed in the infamous Anglo Leasing scandal.

In the footage, one of the thugs is seen walking out of the building with a big backpack before returning to the house to continue with the robbery.

After a few minutes the two are again seen walking out with a flat screen television without any worry or care.

A the start of the clip, one of the suspects believed to be a spotter is seen talking to someone in a car with South Sudan registration number plate CE 435 Q. It is believed that the car was used to carry the stolen goods.