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Policewoman cries for help in unprecedented outburst

By Amina Wako October 19th, 2019 1 min read

An amateur video is making its rounds on social media showing an Administration Police officer complaining of being frustrated by her seniors.

In the undated video, the policewoman complains of being frustrated by her bosses who only send her to jobs that do not have allowances. Her complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

So distressed is she that she wonders whether she is suffering because she is married to a man who hails from the Luhya community.

“I’m so tired and if because of complaining I will be sacked I am ready. If my bosses are doing this to me because am married to a Luhya I am ready to go back to my home in Turkana,” the  officer, who is clad in full uniform and armed, is heard complaining.

The wailing officer is heard saying that she has worked in Western for 17 years but has led a life of suffering.

She appeals for help and asks to be allowed to quit the service.

The unidentified officer further narrates how she grew up in poverty while living with her grandmother.