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Political aspirant ‘vanishes’ with varsity student’s laptop

A University of Nairobi student has accused an MCA aspirant of conning him of a laptop which he (the aspirant) borrowed to attend a conference.

Fredrick Lorent Obuya, a third year law student, is now planning to travel to Lugari ward, where the political aspirant, Ian Asuga, is campaigning ahead of the August 8 polls, in the hope of recovering the Lenovo laptop.

The laptop, which Fredrick says belongs to his cousin, has been in the hands of Asuga since June when he borrowed it to attend a conference in Nairobi and later left with it for Lugari in Kakamega.

“We were in Chavakali High School together though he was one class ahead of me. We kept in touch for long so when he borrowed the laptop I did not hesitate to assist him. I have since been asking him to bring it back in vain as he sometimes never responds to my calls and messages,” Fredrick told Nairobi News.

The student says he has been under intense pressure from his cousin to bring back the missing laptop.


“Last we talked I told him (Asega) he had till Monday to bring the laptop and all he did was ask me if I was blackmailing him. My cousin is on my neck and keeps asking when I am travelling to western to recover his laptop and that is why I reached out before leaving for Lugari,” said Fredrick.

However, when contacted by Nairobi News, Asuga denied the accusations saying he had purchased the said laptop from the complainant.

“Yes I have met Fredrick, in my car, I was purchasing his laptop, and indeed I did purchase, paid 60% of its cost and am awaiting for him to bring forth the receipt before I can complete payment,” he said in a WhatsApp response to Nairobi News.

“Alternatively (I will) refund the Sh30,000 that I paid him in cash while in my car when he brought forth the laptop in town. Unless he wants to make me believe that he stole it from his cousin – a laptop that did not belong to him – because that’s not what I knew, and that’s the reason he can’t furnish me with receipts,” he further said.


In his email to media the law student, state that he wanted to make it public that he is pursuing a politician to recover his laptop.

“I am not sure what might happen while in western Kenya, Lugari ward, where Ian is campaigning to be an MCA. Should anything, therefore happen to me, this will be proof enough that I had gone to fetch the laptop from him and he should be held responsible,” wrote Fredrick in his email to Nation.

Fredrick claims to have information about Asuga’s weekend campaign schedule making it easy to “track him down and demand for the laptop.”

Calls and messages to Asega who is facing off with six other candidates to represent Lugari ward in Kakamega county assembly went unanswered by the time of publishing.