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Political undertones as Ruto attends Gideon Moi son’s engagement

The attendance of President William Ruto’s brother at Gideon Moi’s son’s traditional engagement has stirred speculation the two politicians might have closed ranks.

Mr David Ruto was among dignitaries who graced the colourful engagement between Mr Kigen Moi and her fiancé Rebecca Jepchumba in Kericho.

Mr David Ruto is, according to his LinkedIn profile, the chair of Kirongosi Group, a firm that mainly deals with consultancies.

‘I am a well-rounded business executive with years of experience in consulting. I have worked with companies in various industries including manufacturing, retail, professional services, and oil and gas,” reads part of his profile.

Mr Ruto’s attendance at the wedding was seen as the clearest sign that the Moi family was warming up to a Ruto presidency.

Insiders have however poured cold waters on political undertones.

A party official at the Kenya Africa National Union (KANU) said that political commentators should not read too much politics into the attendance of Mr Ruto at the wedding.

Mr Gideon Moi is KANU chairman.

“He (Mr Ruto) attended the event as a friend because it is not about politics all the time. In fact, he was invited to event by Mr Kigen,” said the party official.

For a decade, Dr Ruto and Mr Gideon Moi, the last born son of Kenya’s second president Daniel Moi (now deceased) have been embroiled in a fierce political supremacy.

The former president is credited with introducing Mr Ruto into politics. He even offered him his first job as an assistant minister and later on full Minister before the two fell out in the aftermath of the controversial 2007/2008 general elections.

Mr Ruto was also said to have been denied an opportunity to visit the ailing president when he was on his death bed.

In the run-up to 2022 general elections, Mr Moi backed Azimio leader Raila Odinga. Mr Odinga lost to President Ruto.

Mr Moi has since Mr Odinga’s defeat maintained a low profile since general elections choosing not attend political events including those organised by the opposition.

“For now, our party boss has kept low profile since he wants to give time leaders who given mandate, to serve Kenyans,” said an insider.

Mr Moi served as Baringo senator between 2013 and 2022.

In 2022 general elections, he lost the seat to current senator William Cheptumo.

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