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Politicians yet to honour pledges to Huruma ‘miracle baby’, five months on

Nairobi politicians have failed to honour pledges made to the father of Dearleryn Saisi, the ‘miracle baby’ that was rescued four days after a building collapsed in Huruma five months ago.

Ralson Saisi Wasike, her father, says that during the Huruma tragedy, several politicians pledged to stand by him including finding him a news job, paying their house rent and schooling the baby.

Five months on, and with the cameras gone, none has honoured their promises.

Dearleryn Saisi was found four days after the building had collapsed next to her mother who did not survive the impact.

A party hosted by the county government for Dearleryn Saisi. PHOTO | FILE
A party hosted by the county government for Dearleryn Saisi. PHOTO | FILE


The little girl became an instant sensation and was christened “Miracle baby” by the public, after giving hope to rescuers.

However, according to the father since he came back from Bungoma from the burial of his wife in May, he has not heard from supposed “well-wishers” and he has been relying on casual jobs to provide for his daughter.

“I work as a tailor at a cloth manufacturing company and the little I am getting from it, is what has been sustaining me and my daughter. At the moment, I still leave her at the care of my mother and a house-help that I have hired to help around,” says Mr Saisi.

On May 10, for instance, several county “first ladies” visited Huruma estate with a truckload of goodies containing some kitchen ware and food items.

Mr Saisi, who was busy organising his wife’s funeral never got anything, he says.


He, however, says he received a Sh10, 000 stipend, given by the Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, through the Affirmative Action Social Development Enterprise Fund (AASDEF) programme for Nairobi County.

The money given by the government was said to help the victims pay house rent as they reorganize their lives.

He also received a gift of a motorbike from Dagoretti West MP Denis Waweru.


Most of the politicians who asked him to contact them after he was through with the burial of his wife, either do not pick up the phone when he calls them or finds their lines switched off.

“I still have the motorcycle and currently looking for someone to employ. I am glad my daughter and I and in good health but the only problem I have is getting a permanent job. But I am grateful to God for the much he gives me,” says Mr. Siasi.

Nonetheless, Baby Dearleryn was smiles as she celebrated one year in Huruma estate last weekend.