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Polycarp Igathe explains unique campaign style

Polycarp Igathe says his unique campaign style is aimed at interacting with ordinary Kenyans and learning about their needs.

Igathe, who is vying on a Jubilee ticket, is considered a frontrunner to win the Nairobi gubernatorial seat in the August 2022 polls even though he faces stiff competition from United Democratic Alliance (UDA) candidate Johnson Sakaja.

Igathe,  a former Chief Commercial Officer at Equity Group Holdings, has been spotted cleaning public toilets, serving revelers in pubs, repairing shoes, catching a matatu, pushing handcarts, and reading news on NTV while on the campaign trail, with Kenyans on social media producing mems portraying him as a jack of all trades.

While addressing a Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) engagement forum, Igathe sought to explain his rather odd campaign strategy which has won him admiration and criticism in equal measure.

He reiterated that his campaign strategy is intended to change political conversation to that of servant leadership.

“I am sure you have seen me walk the streets, wash toilets, serve beer, wash cars, in fact the latest meme is if there is something I deliver just in time. But why was I doing that? It is to present to Kenyans that here comes a man the politicians must come from his high role as a fellow who comes with a chariot like the way Jesus entered Jerusalem singing ‘Hosanna!Hosanna!” he remarked.

“The politician is simply a servant of the people and a city is about service and services you have pronounced to us. The debate in this country is no longer what should be done and how it should be done, the debate is about ‘who will do it.”

He urged city residents to make levelheaded decisions during the General Election on August 9 and vote in reliable leaders who will improve service delivery.

“Igathe is celebrating blue color work which is the foundation of the city. A city is made by waiters and waitresses, a city is made up of PSV conductors, traffic controllers, people who do normal work,” he stated.