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Poorly written gate signage gets Facebook talking – PHOTOS

An ambiguous signage on a gate in Siaya county has excited the internet with social media users accusing the county government of tolerating poor workmanship.

The confusing signage in black, white, green and beige colors is on the newly erected gate of Akala stadium in South Gem Ward.

At first glance the wordings, which are poorly spaced and with different font sizes, read: “County Akala Government of Stadium Siaya’.


It takes a keen eye to realize that it actually read: “County government of Siaya, Akala Stadium.”

Social media users made fun of the howler and urged Governor Cornel Rasanga to take a stern action against the person contracted to do the job.

One David Abagi said: “It is very unfortunate. Whether the gate is closed or opened. It should make sense.”

MJ Wesonga wrote: “Poor use of font colors and sizes.”

Zachary Shem Mbima said: “These guys are high on mercury.

Mr Rasanga has in the past warned contractors doing shoddy jobs, that they risked not being paid.