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Popular Kimalel goat auction makes comeback in Baringo

By Stanley Kimuge December 21st, 2022 2 min read

The famous Kimalel goat auction in Baringo is back again after two year-break with more than 3000 goats earmarked for sale.

The auction is expected to generate Sh30 million to benefit over 900 households as compared to Sh20 million it earned farmers in 2019.

“As a county, this event provides a platform to showcase our rich cultural and tourism sites in the county. This event enables us also to position our county as the leading destination of our premium goats both local and international markets,” said Baringo Governor Benjamin Cheboi.

The annual event was suspended following the Covid-19 pandemic that disrupted economic activities.

The county boasts of an estimated two million goats spread across the devolved unit and farmers earn higher prices from the farmers as the prices go up due to increasing demand this festive season.

President William Ruto is expected to preside over this year’s annual event on Thursday as the demand for livestock during this festive season has gone up.

The event has attracted more than 10 corporates’ including leading financial institutions in the region.

In 2019, over 1700 goats were sold in the event that was presided over by former Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok, who represented Dr Ruto.

During late President Daniel Moi’s reign, the late former nominated MP Ezekiel Barng’etuny organised the infamous auction, which would see over 8,000 goats sold in just one day, many of them through bidding.

In 2014, at the advent of devolution, the county administration revived the auction and introduced cultural and sports components to make it a fun-filled event, which saw millions raised to support farmers.

Baringo collected over sh1.2million in revenue from the sale of goats, which retailed at sh10,000 each.

The region is commonly referred to as ‘goat county’, and visitors normally make a stopover at the Koriema shopping centre on the Kabarnet-Marigat road for a bite of goat meat.

The Koriema meat, which is naturally salty, according to locals, gained popularity for its succulence, thanks to the red soils in the area and the shrubs that the goats feed on.

By the time it was stopped, the project had earned over Sh50 million from the sale of about 31,863 goats, 2,518 sheep and 180 cows.

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