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Popular US televangelist ties knot after two divorces

Evangelist Paula White on Monday shared photos of her wedding to gospel musician of the Journey and Bad English music groups, Jonathan Cain.

The televangelist, who has gone through two divorces, said she is excited on the prospects of her third marriage.

She captioned photos of her wedding thus: “Such a beautiful wedding! God is amazing!”

Paula and Jonathan have each been married twice before and have children from their previous marriages.

Evangelist Paula married her first husband Dean Knight when she was a teenager and they had a son together, Bradley.

In 1984, she became drawn to the gospel and church and turned Christian; she divorced Dean, soon thereafter.

In 1989, she met Randy White who was a preacher and the two got married a year later. They later announced to a church congregation in 2007 that they were divorcing.

Jonathan married his first wife who was a singer, Tané McClure in the late 1970s and they later divorced.

In 1989 he married his second wife, Elizabeth Yvette Fullerton, with whom they had three children but later divorced.