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Poverty affects exam results – survey

The wealth distribution in the county determines how well learners perform, the recent Kenya Certificate of Primary Education results show.

Notably, the poorest districts produce the poorest results and vice versa with an exception of some cases like Embakasi.

According to a 2012 county analysis, Dagoretti district was ranked last with a mean score of 220.35. The district was also last in 2011 with a score of 217.47.

Dagoretti, divided into Dagoretti North and Dagoretti South constituencies, was ranked among the poorest regions in 2013. It is second last with a mean score of 229.07.

Below poverty line

A report titled ‘Exploring Kenya’s Inequality-Pulling Apart or Pooling Together 2013′ published in November 2013 showed that Dagoretti has 81,470 people living below poverty line (Sh85 a day).

It was followed closely by Starehe with a mean score of 224.09. In 2011 Starehe was third from bottom with a mean score of 226.23 as well as 2012 with a score of 229.89.

On the poverty report, Starehe had over 61,000 residents living on less than Sh85 a day according to the Kenya Bureau of Statistics (KBS) report. Kasarani tailed in the 2013 examinations with a mean score of 225.94.

Embakasi was ranked the richest in the KBS report. From the three-year education analysis, it was clear that it has been doing well ranging from number one to three.

On the other hand, Westlands which was ranked by the same report to be among the poorest (44,093) has been the number one district from in the same period defying the odds.