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Pranksters deface famed Hollywood sign to read ‘HollyWeed’

By AGENCIES January 2nd, 2017 1 min read

Famed and iconic landmark sign Hollywood in Los Angeles, United States was on New Year’s Day vandalized and modified to read “Hollyweed”.

Armed with four tarpaulins, a prankster had climbed Mount Lee under the cover of night to edit the iconic landmark.

Security footage recorded at 3am on Sunday showed a “lone individual” climbing up the mountain, scaling the sign’s ladders and hanging tarpaulins over the O’s to change them to E’s, said Sgt. Guy Juneau of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Security Services division.

The surveillance footage showed a man dressed in black, tactical-style gear.

One of the tarpaulins was decorated with a peace sign, and another with a heart.

Because the sign was not damaged, the incident will be investigated as misdemeanor trespassing. The police have no suspects.

Residents of Los Angeles joked that the alteration reflected California’s recent vote to legalize recreational marijuana.

The incident is not the first time the sign has been targeted in a possible prank or act of vandalism.

On New Year’s Day of 1976, the sign became “HOLLYWeeD” for the first time a student changed the iconic sign for his project for an art class assignment on working with scale. He earned an A.