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Pray for Mzee Daniel arap Moi, Baringo Senator asks Kenyans

Former President Daniel arap Moi’s health is not at its best but he has been improving, his son Baringo Senator Gideon Moi has said, in his first public address on the matter.

Mzee Moi, 95, has been admitted at The Nairobi Hospital at least three times this year and only his long-serving Press Secretary, Mr Lee Njiru, has issued press statements on his health.

The senator issued his remarks on Friday while presiding over Kabarak University’s 15th graduation ceremony. He urged Kenyans to continue praying for his father.

“I wish to thank each one of you ,on behalf of my family, for your prayers. Please  accept our heartfelt gratitude for praying and thinking of Mzee Moi at this time as you all know he is not in the best of his health,” he said.

“With prayers and thoughts he has been improving day by day.”


The senator also spoke about corruption, noting “it is a scourge that is adversely affecting the growth of our national economy”.

He urged the 922 candidates who received degrees and diplomas to embrace integrity, excellence, professionalism, patriotism, innovativeness and creativity, and be mindful of others.

“From each one of you we expect nothing but a character clothed with integrity and sincerity. You should endeavour to uphold the truth even when the truth is unpopular,” he said.

“It may not be very popular to decline a bribe but a person of integrity enjoys blessings from God.”


Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka, the chief guest at the ceremony, said the burning question in Kenya today is how to make devolution work.

“We must all make devolution work by strengthening institutions of dialogue, collaboration, consolidation and dispute settlement,” he said.

He said consultations and cooperation will enable the two levels of government to ensure harmony and proper coordination in performance of their key functions.