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Preacher Allan Kiuna defends his high life, hopes to get private jet soon

By NAIRA HABIB December 24th, 2017 2 min read

City preacher Allan Kiuna has yet again rattled Kenyans after defending his lavish lifestyle in a recent interview with a local newspaper.

Bishop Kiuna in an interview with The Star claimed Jesus was never a poor a man and neither should he.

“Only the word of God can demystify misconceptions. I state categorically Jesus was never poor. Tell me of any poor man who has an accountant. Judas Iscariot was the accountant and used to steal. When you steal from a poor man, what can he be left with? You know the answer,”

And that is not all.


He added that he still has hopes of acquiring a private jet since it is becoming tedious for him to fly commercial from one continent to another to administer his missionary work.

“The church is expanding. My calendar and itinerary won’t allow me to meet the demands of missionary work. This calls for efficient travel and it’s too tedious to fly commercial from one continent to another,”

The preacher and his wife Kathy Kiuna have been on the spotlight for their flamboyant lifestyle that netizens feel does not emulate the humble life that Jesus led.

Kenyans on Twitter had this to say about Bishop Kiuna interview.

@vickyodipo tweeted, “Jesus was rich in heart not in material wealth.”

@Kaharisammy said, “I think he didn’t put it in a wise way because it is as if we poor we don’t belong to the same Jesus pride comes before a fall.”

@jmcomolo wrote, “The Jesus I know was so POOR that he was born in a manger and was despised for his POOR BACKGROUND of Bethlehem, but he remained HUMBLE.”

@CKnox91 commented, “Born in a manger, rode on a borrowed boat, last supper in a borrowed upper room, burried in a borrowed tomb. Plus He said, “Store not your treasures on earth where moth and rust eat it.”

@GitongaBenson said, “Jesus was rich? A carpenter until he was 30. Rode on donkeys, was sold for 30 coins, some body gave up his cave for him to be buried. Things not adding up.”

@sylvester_odero said, “If this is the person to enrich me spiritually to go to heaven then I would rather go to hell.”


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