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Preacher, woman arrested trying to ‘resurrect’ 11-month old baby

Police in Naivasha have arrested a preacher and woman for exhuming the body of an eleven-month baby without a valid court order.

Shocked villagers at Karati watched in disbelief as the preacher and the woman, said to be the mother of the dead child, engaged in a feverish prayer session.

The woman invited the preacher after claiming that her child was not dead and was suckling her at night.

“The man of God headed the woman’s call and promised to pray for the deceased’s “resurrection”, said a villager.

The two prayed feverishly after exhuming the body as villagers watched in awe.

The minor succumbed to an illness and buried on December 26.

But after hours of prayers the sweaty and panting pair were whisked away by police and locked at the Naivasha police station.

Naivasha divisional commander Samuel Waweru confirmed the arrest of the duo, saying charges will be preferred against them

“The accused exhumed the body without the valid documents. We will definitely charge them in court,” said the police boss.

Mr Waweru said the body was taken back to the Naivasha sub county hospital mortuary.