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Pregnant student tells how she played dead for 10 hours

Students who survived the attack at Garissa University College have revealed how they played dead for hours to stay alive.

Millicent Murugi from Embu, a second year student who is eight months pregnant, narrated how she smeared herself with blood of her dead colleague  and appeared as if she was dead to fool the Al-Shabaab militants.

“I slowly took blood from a dead colleague lying besides me and smeared it all over my head and hands. At this time, only one attacker was in the room as the rest went upstairs. I played dead for 10 hours despite being heavily pregnant,” a tearful Ms Murugi said.

She said the attackers tormented their victims saying; “Your security agents are cowards and cannot save you.”

Then they would shoot them as others watched.


Christian union members were the first one to be killed where they had gathered in a hall to pray. All 22 were killed.

Muslim students were released while non-Muslims were asked to prove they had converted to Islam by reciting Shahada, a proclamation by new converts. Those who failed were shot immediately.

The terrorists isolated Muslims from non-Muslims among the students and males from females. The three-story hostel housed 360 students. Two upper floors housed males.

“When our relatives started calling after learning about the siege, the terrorists picked the calls and told the relatives, “We are killing them now. You should know Garissa is for Muslims only,” Ms Esther Kawira said.