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Premonition? Celebrity videographer Ambroze Khan’s last telling posts

The Kenyan music industry is in mourning following the death of Ambroze Khan, a talented videographer who tragically lost his life in a car accident that also left gospel artists Mr Seed and DK Kwenye Beat nursing injuries.

The news of Ambroze’s passing was initially withheld from the public until blogger Xtian Dela took to social media to mourn his friend and raise questions about the accident’s circumstances.

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Celebrity videographer Ambroze Khan. PHOTO| COURTESY

In a series of emotional Instagram stories, Xtian Dela expressed his disbelief and anger, demanding answers about what really happened before the accident.

He also called out the gospel artists and other people in the vehicle with Ambroze for not having the decency to mention him in their posts or pay their respects.

“I’m glad that your local ‘celebs’ survived that accident that killed my friend Ambroze,” Xtian wrote.

“What I honestly can’t understand is how was Ambro the only one who died in that car that had 5 people. Who was driving? Were they sober? We need answers! I have personally been in ‘convoys’ and these ‘celebs’ drive recklessly. It’s a shame that none of them has even posted and mentioned his name. He is called Ambroze! Mention him! Ambroze!”

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Celebrity videographer Ambroze Khan. PHOTO| COURTESY

Ambroze was a talented and professional videographer who was passionate about his work. He had a creative vision and a keen eye for detail, which helped to make his work stand out.

The photos and videos he took were of high quality, and he worked with various celebrities and companies, including Mr Seed.

Ambroze was a well-known and respected videographer who collaborated with various celebrities, including Nigerian megastar Runtown, the godfather of Kenyan comedy Daniel Ndambuki, popularly known as Churchill, and TerryAnne Chebet Cherotich, an entrepreneur and former Citizen TV presenter.

In addition to his work in Kenya, Ambroze also traveled to several countries for his projects, as evident from his social media platforms.

Although Ambroze was not very active on social media, the few times he posted, he shared words of wisdom with his followers.

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Celebrity videographer Ambroze Khan. PHOTO| COURTESY

One of his last Instagram posts had a powerful message: “No matter what’s happening in your life, you can change the trajectory of events by closing your eyes, reviewing your thoughts and behavior, and sending love wherever you’ve been withouting it.”

In another post, he wrote, “Every day, the clock resets.”

This was followed by another cryptic post where he wrote, “My story is a freedom song from within my soul. It is a guide to discovery, a vision of how even the worst pain and heartaches can be channeled into human monuments, impenetrable and everlasting.”

Ambroze’s work and philosophy touched many people, and his untimely passing has profoundly impacted the industry and beyond.

One of Ambroze’s distinctive features was his well-maintained dreadlocks. He kept them clean and mature; they were an integral part of his unique style. He was a hardworking individual who died while on the job.

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Celebrity videographer Ambroze Khan. PHOTO| COURTESY

He had accompanied Mr Seed and Nimo to Nanyuki to take photos and videos of the couple as they searched for land to buy.

He had a contagious energy that filled any room he walked into. He was always happy and did not take life too seriously.

He had a great sense of style and knew how to dress for any occasion. He always looked sharp and fashionable and knew how to make a statement with his wardrobe.

Ambroze was a multi-talented individual who not only filmed and photographed but also directed videos and owned his own film and photography studios called Khans Clarity film and Khans clarity photography. He was a young and energetic man who was passionate about his craft.

May he rest in peace. Our sincere condolences to his family and friends.

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