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Why is President Kenyatta advertising himself?

An advert in the form of a seal bearing the name of the President of the Republic of Kenya at the GPO roundabout in Nairobi has angered Kenyans online.

The piece has been erected amidst Nairobi county government seals.

The roundabout is also decorated with Kenyan and county flags even as traders around the area say the new seal was installed just before President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for his second term.

A Kenyan shared the photo online captioning that the President was advertising himself.

The post was shared widely and elicited mixed reactions with some terming it as a waste of public funds.


@TimothyMutua19 wrote, “???????????????? Next will be a ROAD SHOW, fliers, and streetside hawkers to “SELL” the product, full page adverts and a CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT to entrench him into the CONSTITUTION.”

@munenemwaniki added, “These are really desperate times!! I have this compelling sense of foreboding that this @JubileePartyK @UKenyatta @WilliamsRuto misadventure/escapade disguised as governance won’t end up well. Kenyans are too sophisticated for this brand of charlatanism!”

@Tueyedward commented, “They should have made it bigger then suspend it just below the clouds for all his greedy hopeless worshipers to see.”

‏@rebmann stated, “I would point a finger at Bwana Governor…”

@karithi_sylvia wrote, “Working too hard to gain legitimacy or whatever!”

@Eric_Thomas_K commented, “Just 2 remind people like you that he’s the democratically and constitutionally elected president, the rest can keep on yapping.”

‏@andydemack wondered, “How much have they spent for the tax payers’ money.”