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President Kenyatta: Youth don’t need wheelbarrows

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday intensified his attacks on Deputy President William Ruto by suggesting that Kenyan youth need proper jobs instead of wheelbarrows.

He spoke at Sagana State Lodge in his political backyard where he’d hosted Mt. Kenya region’s youth leaders.

President Kenyatta also criticized the move by leaders to offer youth handouts instead of job and business opportunities.

“You hear some people say we know the problem of Kenyan youth, the same people then say they will help by giving them wheelbarrows, who told you that the youth need wheelbarrows? What they need is jobs,” the President explained.

DP Ruto has been at the forefront of organizing fundraisers, especially in Central Kenya. Ruto has also been offering the youth wheelbarrows, hoes, and salon equipment in a move he says will empower them.

“If you want to help the youth, how about you ensure funds from government get to the ground?” posed the President.

President Kenyatta, who is serving in his last 18 months in office, also rubbished claims the BBI will help his handshake partner Raila Odinga ascend to power.

“I have heard others saying BBI is for Raila, does Raila need a HELB loan?”

The Head of State added that he intends his last days in office championing development across the country other than politicking.