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President left in shock as gender violence victim strips at summit – VIDEO

A South African woman stripped in front of President Cyril Ramaphosa during a gender violence summit in Pretoria.

The woman, only identified as Phindile, was narrating how she underwent five surgeries after a rape ordeal.

She explained how the rapists inserted a plastic object through her vagina prompting a series of surgeries that have left her scarred and in pain.


She then lifted up her dress to display her scars in front of a perturbed President Ramaphosa and National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete.

The President grabbed Speaker Mbete’s arm for support before covering his face.

Women attending the President’s Summit on Gender Violence and Femicide kept shouting “show them, show them” as Phindile explained how she sustained the scars.

“I was not born like this, I received these scars from operations because I live in South Africa and I was raped…I‘m afraid to go home, in the section where I was raped my mother still lives there, I can’t go home because the system decided to release the boys, when I went to court no one explained to me that 16 years is four years, no on explained to me,” she told those in attendance.

The video of President Ramaphosa’s reaction has been shared widely and the woman’s courage credited for a rape counseling centers funding that was announced during the summit.