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President Ruto addresses election credibility and cost of living

President William Ruto has reiterated that the recently held elections were the most credible in the country’s history. Despite the opposition’s claims of election theft, President Ruto expressed gratitude for the successful election season and acknowledged the international community’s positive assessment of the process.

“I want to thank you all for continued prayers and for praying for our nation…We had the best elections acclaimed by all including the observers who participated in the elections. We want to thank God for that season,” said Dr Ruto, at AIC Fellowship-Eldoret, when he joined Christians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ during the Easter Sunday Service on Sunday.

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He explained that his administration had imported food supplies to mitigate the current situation but emphasized the importance of local food production.

To this end, he challenged farmers to double their efforts and promised to do his part by increasing food production on his farm.

He further challenged farmers across the country to double their efforts to ensure there is increased food production so as to lower the current high cost of living.

“I am happy that we are providing fertilizer at half the price compared to last year and I want to ask farmers to go out of their way and double their efforts as we pray for rain. I am informed that Kenya seed has informed us that we will have extra acreages under food production. I am confident that we will reduce the number of people who are going without food and reduce food,” added the head of State.

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He said that he was optimistic that there would be increased food production after the Kenya Seed company sold an additional 200,000 bags of seeds to farmers compared to last season.

“I decided to spend time here at home and also to supervise planting in my farm because I also need to make my small contribution of doubling food production to ensure food security,” stated Dr Ruto.

“I know we have a big debate in our country on how we can reduce the high cost of food but it boils down to what we do as farmers. I came to do what I can do in a contribution addressing the cost of living. I have that purpose this year. I will do twice what I did last season so as to make a small contribution to lowering the cost of living,” stated the head of state.

He appealed to the parents to take the lead in mentoring the children even as the country stares at serious drug and substance use among young people.

“I want to tell parents to look after their children and all children. . I recently appointed a new board of Nacada but we need collective efforts so that as we take lead at the government level, let us all join these efforts,” explained President Ruto.

He added: “We need to look after one another not just farmers, spiritual leaders and every one of us. Not just our interests but all for others and for our nation.”

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