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President Ruto enumerates merits of his affordable housing scheme

President William Ruto has issued an elaborate framework of the affordable housing programme which his government has proposed.

The proposal is part of the Finance Bill 2023, which if passed by Parliament will compel employees to remit 3 per cent of their monthly income with the employer also contributing a similar amount towards the fun.

The head of state has now listed reasons why his government came up with the plan. President Ruto on Friday said the youths will be among the first beneficiaries of the initiative.

“The real motivation of the affordable housing plan is job creation for the youths,” President Ruto said.

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He cited avenues of job creation in the construction value chain to realize the programme, saying architects, masons, artisans, engineers and electricians will all find employment through the programme.

“Every parent and leader is bothered about what to do with the millions of youths without jobs in Kenya, and the ambition of the affordable housing plan is to offer solutions to the challenge,” he explained.

He also stated that construction materials required for the cause, designing and making doors and windows will be done by youths.

With the country estimated to have more than 1,400 slums, President Ruto said the programme will help upgrade these shanties.

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“We have over 6 million people living in slums and they need modern houses with good infrastructures,” the president observed.

The head of state further said the initiative targets urban areas, hence it will save the agricultural lands from being converted to real estates.

“That way, we will be able to salvage our agricultural lands which are rapidly turning to estates,” he said.

The affordable housing programme has divided opinion in the country, with some Kenyans holding the view that remittance of the levy by employees should be optional.

A section of opposition politicians have also poked holes in the proposed programme.

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