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President Ruto: I am not interested in extending my term of office

By Wangu Kanuri November 16th, 2022 2 min read

President William Ruto has assured Kenyans that he will not be changing the constitution to increase his term limits, with his sentiments coming barely a week after a heated argument among politicians.

Dr. Ruto, who had been silent on the matter, has broken his silence by saying, “Do not spend your time pushing for selfish and self-serving legislation like changing the Constitution to remove term limits… my focus is service to the people.”

The Fafi parliamentarian Salah Yakub proposed scrapping the presidential term limit and capping it on the age limit. Through his lenses, the duration a Head of State stays at the helm should be based on age and not the period of service though the constitution currently bars a president from exceeding two terms.

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He would then admit that the proposal was being discussed within closed doors of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), President Ruto’s led party.

In a quick rejoinder, UDA’s chairman Johnson Muthama explained that the suggestion to drop the presidential term limits was the lawmaker’s opinion and not a stand taken by the ruling party.

“The statement by Fafi MP, Hon. Salah Yakub on scrapping the presidential term limit and capping it on the age limit has made many Kenyans get concerned, and many have called me asking about the position of @UDAKenya.

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As the National Party Chairman, I wish to categorically state that Hon. Yakub’s made a personal statement that has nothing to do with @UDAKenya. As a Party, we stand for open Democracy, and we remain supportive of the two-term presidential limit and no ongoing discussions to scrap it,” he said in a tweet.

Though Yakub’s proposal was welcomed and criticized in equal measure, the discussions were held even in neighbouring countries.

However, if the bill had succeeded and been passed, Dr. Ruto, 55, would have the leeway to seek re-election for up to four terms, 2027, 2032, 2037.

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