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President William Ruto explains why he has lost too much weight

President William Ruto has responded to concerns about his weight loss just months into his reign.

In recent public appearances, President Ruto has looked slimmer than his days on the campaign trail.

This has led to speculation among Kenyans about the reason for his transformation.

President Ruto. PHOTO COURTESY

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During a roundtable interview with journalists at State House in Nairobi, the President explained that he had faced an initial challenge that lasted for a while.

KTN’s Eric Lattif asked the Head of State about his fitness journey.

“Mr President, you look good and people have been commenting, asking if it’s an exercise regime or a diet,” Eric asked.

In response, Ruto explained that the intense pressure of campaigning for the 2022 General Election had disrupted his eating patterns, resulting in irregular meals and occasional overeating at odd hours.

He attributed this to the demands and stress of campaigning, where time constraints often lead to inadequate exercise and sporadic eating habits.

“There’s been a lot of pressure during the election period over the last year and a half to two years. When you’re going through elections, you experience a lot of pressure and sometimes you find solace in food,” said President Ruto.

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President Ruto. PHOTO COURTESY

“Because of the uncertainty of when the next meal would be available, there have been cases of overeating.”

Since assuming leadership, the President revealed that he had consciously decided to lose weight.

Recognising the significant tasks ahead, Ruto said he needed to be mentally and physically prepared to ensure that things go as planned.

“I made the decision to lose weight because I have a huge workload ahead of me. So I need to be alert and ready to ensure that everything goes smoothly,” Ruto explained.

During the interview, President Ruto also addressed the delay in civil servants’ salaries, saying it was an effect of the Jubilee government’s borrowing.

He highlighted that in April, there was a temporary delay of two to three days in the payment of salaries and stressed the importance of living within the country’s means rather than relying on borrowing.

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