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President William Ruto’s ‘Ganja’ shirt sparks a mixed reaction online

President William Ruto, on Thursday, July 27, captured the attention of social media users with his recent fashion choice.

Known for his evolving taste in fashion, Ruto appeared on the streets donning a beige shirt adorned with an intriguing pattern – the universally recognized symbol of marijuana.

During the inauguration of the Lamu County Commissioner’s Office in Mokowe, the President was photographed engaging in a friendly exchange with Governor Issah Timamy and various other government officials, all while sporting the eye-catching shirt.

In his speech, President Ruto indicated upcoming public-private partnerships to boost farming.

“The Government will work with the private sector and development partners to increase the acreage of land under irrigation farming. This will boost food production and make Kenya more food secure,” Ruto stated.

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Unaware of the curiosity his attire would generate, the President carried on with his official duties, inaugurating offices, overseeing the rehabilitation of the Tana Delta Irrigation Project, and even presenting cheques to the local fishing community in Mokowe.

After President Ruto’s social media team shared the event photos on Twitter, the comments began to flow in, drawing attention to his unusual shirt choice.

However, his shirt immediately caught the eye of many for the prominent ‘ganja’ symbolism.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko expressed concern, suggesting that his stylist might face consequences for allowing the President to wear a shirt featuring prominent marijuana leaves.

lw_muiruri joined the conversation, humorously referencing a “handshake” with Wajackoyah, possibly referring to the pattern on the shirt.

shmarlo added a playful comment, joking that the President might have purchased the shirt from the boutique of presidential aspirant Wajackoyah.

officialblackmtengwa diverted the conversation, advocating for the legalization of marijuana to promote job opportunities and boost the country’s GDP.

rennyma254 seemingly made a lighthearted remark, referring to the “most high” in Kenya, possibly alluding to both the President’s position and the marijuana symbolism on the shirt.

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