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Presidential escort officers prohibited from from chewing miraa and muguka

Officers attached to the Presidential escort team have been prohibited from chewing miraa and muguka.

In a notice issued by Mr George Kirera, who is the head of presidential escort unit, the ban was enforced on June 6, 2020.


Mr Kirera said chewing of the mild stimulant comes with health risks not only to the officers but also to their families.

“It has been noted with high level of concern by this office that chewing miraa and muguka is posing a lot of health risks to our personnel and their families,” the notice reads in part.

According to the notice, action will be taken against any officer who will be found chewing the substance at the work station or within the camps.


“Bring this information to the attention of all personnel and acknowledge receipt of this signal on or before July 7,” the notice further reads.

Five years ago scientists conducted a research where they established that consumption of miraa affected the sexual capability of men.

It will be interesting to see how officers who are addicted to miraa will cope up with the new orders.