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‘Mama’s boy’ Prezzo in online war of words with fan

Controversial rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini also known as Prezzo is nowadays popular for dramatic antiques more than his music, and it does not look like it’s about to change anytime soon.

Recently the Naleta Action rapper went down memory with a throwback photo of his first car during his university days.

“Old money fam, my first ride in uni had my lecturers looking at me in some type of way… and you wonder why I love my mum to death. God’s son,” he captioned the photo he posted on Instagram of a sleek yellow car.

But a fan was not about to let him enjoy his moment peacefully reminding him that he was just flashing his mother’s wealth around, not his.

“So it was your mum’s car? I don’t understand,” wrote Kelvin Maskhwi.


Prezzo, annoyed by that comment, responded by saying: “Yes it was my mums car, I mean… same way your mum’s mkokoteni belonged to you because at the end of the day she’s your mum and the mkokoteni belonged to you so don’t’ hate. It’s just life, don’t suffer from negligence…,” he retorted.

But this social media user would not let up and amped up the insults. It however felt like he was hurt that Prezzo brought up his mother in the midst of the name calling.

“It wasn’t hate son. Be humble, you’re coming for my mum, I didn’t come for yours you Walmart version of a N(word).  Don’t get mad it was a question. See your lips keep beefing sitting in the passenger seat of your mum’s car trying to halla at bs with your android phone with …. nail polish remover, high school king of rap. A money N (word) doesn’t have throw backs. But no disrespect you still my N (word) though.”

Who do you think won?