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Primary school pupil shocks Kenyans with foul-mouthed self-recorded video

By Amina Wako September 16th, 2019 2 min read

Kenyans on social media were for the better part of Sunday dumbfounded by the shocking contents of a video uploaded by a pupil at Consolata School in Nairobi.

The video, which was posted on the boy’s Instagram account, captured him hurling obscenities at a classmate whom he claimed had spread rumours about him being gay.


The class four pupil went on to issue threats to the said school mate, whom he kept on referring to as Nikita.

The pupil in question later pulled down the controversial videos on Sunday from his social media and put up an apology video.

“I know it wasn’t right for me to use the vulgar language and for that, I apologize. On my part, I know I overreacted and for that I’m sorry,” he said.

In screenshots making rounds on social media, the said Nikita’s father said he has reached out to Consolata School and his has also talked to his daughter.

“Nikita’s reaction I have gathered is from some other comments made by the boy himself,” read part of the message.

The girl’s father has also said since the incident, other parents from the school have reached out to him about the behaviour of the boy in the video.

“Many parents have in boxed me citing their children being bullied by the same boy. I urge them to raise it with the school,” he said.


Many Netizens said the young boy needed help and advised the parents to take him through counselling.

“ This boy needs alot of help… He’s struggling. More than meets the eyes. Young man your apology is accepted next time when apologizing don’t use the word ” “BUT” Fellow Kenyans let’s say No to Cyber Bullying this kid needs Love, guidance and counseling psychology,” said Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko.

“At the age of 11 years, l was sent to Approved School. I had run away from home and l was convicted of ‘vagrancy.’ At 14 years, I was expelled from an approved school. The Consolata Boy belongs in approved, he will find teachers and boys who can teach him lessons on how to behave,” he added.

“Not listening to the show but this is the main reason I don’t let kids watch reality TV or E news man. It’s called Television “Programming”. Ya’al still don’t get it. Don’t blame the kids, blame the environment they’re exposed to,” commented @AllanKMachogu

“This reminds me when I was spanked for watching Channel O music show, the war with slippers, listening to this kid makes you pity the future of the new generation, the first time I was even allowed to have a phone was after form 4 and which I bought,wah!!iko sida,” @Noris_Maingey tweeted.

“That being said we also need to handle this with utmost care because thats just a kid and he can learn and get better. Its not ok what he did but better than if he had taken it all in and committed suicide due to the abuse he is alleging. We need to guide these young ones,” posted @TheRealisticGuy.