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‘Prison Break’ actor makes moving confession over viral meme

Celebrated American actor Wentworth Miller, known for his role in Prison Break series, on Tuesday made a moving confession over a body shaming meme that had compared his heydays to his overweight self during his depression year.

Miller said the meme, which had been used to create a meme on alleged McDonald’s monopoly, was captured in 2010 when he was suicidal and battled the condition through eating.

“In 2010, at the lowest point in my adult life, I was looking everywhere for relief/comfort/distraction. And I turned to food. It could have been anything. Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. But eating became the one thing I could look forward to. Count on to get me through. There were stretches when the highlight of my week was a favorite meal and a new episode of TOP CHEF. Sometimes that was enough. Had to be. And I put on weight,” wrote the star.


Miller went on to narrate how during a hiking trip with a friend the photo was taken by paparazzi and was circulated on how he had added weight with captions such as “Hunk To Chunk.”

“My mother has one of those “friends” who’s always the first to bring you bad news. They clipped one of these articles from a popular national magazine and mailed it to her. She called me, concerned. In 2010, fighting for my mental health, it was the last thing I needed. Long story short, I survived,” went on The Loft star.

The actor then encouraged those battling depression or are suicidal and shared contacts of American organisations which can be of help.

The Lad Bible, which had shared the meme, has since apologized to Miller.

The star is expected to grace your screens again with the return of Prison Break to Fox after a hiatus since 2009.