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Popular series ‘Prison Break’ is back and fans are loving it!

After an eight-year wait for some new episodes, Prison Break premiered on Tuesday night in the United States and from the look of things, it had loads of impatient fans to impress.

The new series, Resurrection is the show’s fifth season and is being billed as an event series/miniseries and will run only nine episodes.

In its premiere episode, it spent almost its entire hour merely catching us up with the old gang and setting the stage for Michael Scofield’s miraculous resurrection, as his character “died” in the fourth and faux-final season.


It did the trick of reacquainting us with the rough-and-tumble, bulky-and-sweaty and frequently convoluted Prison Break universe. Oh, T-Bag is back.

The television series had a big following in Kenya. The show is about a heavily tattooed man learning how far he will go for the people he loves.

The story line revolves around two brothers Scofield (played by Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell).

When Lincoln is wrongfully convicted of murdering the brother of US Vice President, his brother Michael gets himself imprisoned as a way of breaking him out of jail.