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Prison warder arrested for allegedly killing girlfriend

A prison warder attached to the Malindi GK Prison is in police custody for the alleged murder of his girlfriend.

Tairus Mwangi is believed to have killed Purity Karwirwa by hitting her with a hammer five times on the head and other parts of the body.


An autopsy report indicated that deceased died as a result of repeated blows by a blunt object, consistent with an assault.

The relationship between the Karwirwa and Mwangi started on Facebook but was rocked by trouble and mistrust, according to Mwangi’s confidants.

He also confided to his friends that he had taken a loan and spent it on Karwirwa but there was no promise of a solid relationship from her.

On Tuesday the accused was granted 10 days off after his sister requested to take him to psychiatric after she noticed he was a bit withdrawn from the rest of his family members.

Once at his sister’s place, Mwangi invited his girlfriend who he met on Facebook about a year and a half ago.

Mwangi went to one of the bedrooms with his girlfriend and left his two sisters in the sitting room.


Mwangi then left the girlfriend in the bedroom and went to town to have a dress.

Source says he told the sisters that Karwirwa was changing and would join them in a short while.

It’s after she took long in the bedroom that Mwangi’s sisters went to check on her and found Karwirwa’s body lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

The sisters immediately informed the police who visited the scene and recovered the murder weapon, a hammer, and his clothes.

Mwangi was Thursday arrested at a bar in the Nyamakima area and presented before the court on a miscellaneous application.

He is expected to be charged with murder on March 13, 2020 when he will be presented before the court again.

The body of the deceased has since been transported to Meru for burial.