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Prison warders bust colleague hiding tobacco in genitals

A video of prison wardens apprehending one of their own for allegedly smuggling tobacco inside the prison has shocked the online community.

The video, shared by a tweep by the name Patrick Safari, captures prison warders pinning their colleague on the floor as they searched inside his undergarments to the narcotic.

It takes the effort of four warders to subdue him on the floor before they start removing the alleged tobacco hidden in his private parts.

They then let him up but continue to roughen him up.

According to Mr Safari, the incident took place at Malindi Prison on Monday.


Kenyans on Twitter were baffled at how the warders manhandled one of their own.

“How juvenile… no wonder they keep shooting each other with rage,” said @patrioticKE.

“Prison officers are so lowly paid that they survive on trading on contraband,” said @Zack.

“Nothing like lowly paid. We all can’t earn the same; cuz we don’t share luck, skills, abilities, professions. Ni mtu aridhike na anachopata, bila kung’ang’ana kuishi kama wengine,” wrote @WeitoFM.

“I don’t want to imagine how they handle prisoners if this is how they handle one of their own,” copmmented @ MelaninMonroe.

“Hypocritical of them. Looks like a business rivalry. Wrong as this kind of business is, I sense the chap has eaten into some of his colleague’s territory and their not having it. The cartel is unhappy!” tweeted @TTWaiyaki.

“This shows that we have very patriotic officers despite the mistreatment they get from the state and their seniors,” said @wchege.