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Prisons boss blows away hopes of sex visits for inmates

Hopes for sex visits by spouses of prisoners have been dashed after the Prisons Commissioner dismissed the proposal as too expensive to enforce.

Prisons Commissioner General Isaiah Osugo argued that the cost of building pleasure suites in all prisons is too high for the government.

He instead told inmates ‘to finish their jail term and return home to exercise their conjugal rights.”

Mr Osugo made the remarks at Kapenguria prison when he paid a visit at the facility.

“We are still struggling to improve the basics like having food and shelter and clothing in prison and the issue of conjugal visits will wait until we have achieved the basics.” said the prisons boss.

He called on stakeholders to support the facility by availing tools to train the inmates and purchase their finished products.

“ County governments are furnishing the village polytechnics and they can also do the same with the prisons because the same youth will need the facilities once they are released to the community,” argued Mr Osugo.

He said the government is continually improving conditions in correction facilities across the country.