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Pritty Vishy sets dating conditions, tells church-going men to keep off

Popular Kenyan TikToker Purity Vishenwa, better known as Pritty Vishy, has laid out her dating conditions, insisting that church-going and religious men should keep off.

Pritty Vishy made the statement on Instagram after the trending stories involving pastors Ezekiel and Paul Mackenzie.

“Penye tumefika, please, if you know you are a churchman, don’t katia me,” she said.

She also mentioned that she does not want to attend parties at other people’s homes.

“My future man hakuna kuenda bash kwa nyumba ya watu, wakikurusha kwa balcony,” she declared.

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A month ago, the content creator informed potential suitors that she would not be willing to contribute more than her partner in a relationship, explaining that any man interested in dating her must be prepared to pay all her personal bills.

“I need a man who knows my worth, so if you’re ready, then we will date,” Pritty Vishy confidently asserted.

In May 2022, Pritty Vishy revealed that her dowry would cost a staggering Sh2 million. During an interview with YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, she expressed her disinterest in traditional dowry items like cows, suggesting that suitors should instead buy her a car.

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My dowry is two million na mtu asijaribu kuniletea ngomb’e… mimi ni two million and that’s it, na kama mtu anataka kuleta ngombe, basi hiyo pesa ununue gari,” she said.

She further highlighted her cooking and massage skills as additional selling points.

While some found her conditions amusing, others criticized them as overly demanding and unrealistic.

Pritty Vishy gained fame due to her relationship with Stivo Simple Boy, which ended after an intimate video of them went viral.

Last year, she and Madini Classic confirmed in an interview that they were dating, describing their relationship and the efforts they made to impress each other. The two have since parted ways.

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