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Pritty Vishy speaks out on ‘baby fever’

‘Bingo Bango’ hitmaker Madini Classic has defended his girlfriend, social media influencer Pritty Vishy after one of his female friends insinuated she is not beautiful.

Madini, through his Instagram feed, called out people who hide behind filters in their posts on Instagram and think it qualifies as being beautiful, saying his woman is cute.

The artiste shared a screenshot of his conversation with a lady friend who asked him if his relationship with Vishy is real or simply for clout.

Madini denied the latter saying that he believes that she will give him beautiful children.

“I don’t understand why most of you guys think Pritty is not beautiful is it because she doesn’t flex with filtered photos online like some of you? Get to meet and chill (sic) physically you will agree with me that she’s cute,” read the singer’s post.

Touched by her lover’s post, Pritty commented, “Tell them bby boo.”

In the shared chat, the lady went on to offer herself to Madini claiming she’d give him beautiful babies, but Madini remained adamant and said that he had settled on marrying the influencer.

Last week, Madini posted photos and videos of the couple together in Kisumu with speculations rife that he was in the process of introducing her to his family.

Just recently, Pritty Vishy revealed she wants a baby with her new catch.

In an online interview, Vishy openly told Madini that she has baby fever and that she is ready for a mini Pritty Vishy.

“Babe I hope the energy which you started with will continue to flow. Secondly, just know that I love you and I mean it thirdly I have baby fever. I have baby fever I need a baby,” said Vishy.

The two took the opportunity to confirm the ongoing rumors that they were romantically involved. Madini then took it upon himself to narrate how they found love in each other.

“I am the one who approached Pritty Vishy I remember I had seen her online, had read her stories, and also I had watched her YouTube channel and I loved how real she was and her self-belief. That’s when I decided to DM her and asked for her number and that’s how we started talking,” said Madini.

Pritty then went on to say that Madini DMed her the same period Sossuun did, and in her mind, she thought he wanted to feature her in his music.

Madini added he never in his wildest dreams saw them developing feelings towards each other but it all developed naturally. The two had been talking for months before they decided to make their relationship public.

“I love the fact that she is real and in my eyes, she is so beautiful. I love her hard work and I love how she handles herself in front of people and the fact that she respects me,” Madini said.