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Pritty Vishy vs Stevo Simple Boy. Beef or clout chasing?

It’s not clear yet what kind of game, or rather agenda these two public figures are playing but it seems to be getting on the nerves of netizens at this point.

Is it a desperate game of hearts? 

Clout chasing is a showbiz scheme that has been grandly embraced by many Kenyan celebrities, and fans are usually quick to sense when an endeavor pulled by their favorite star is one that screams attention. 

Now getting into the tea, Pritty Vishy has gone on to set hearts aflutter as she engages in a flirtatious encounter with a hunk, just days after her famous ex reveals new flame.

The stunning and vivacious socialite has been making waves recently following her highly publicized breakup with renowned rapper Stevo Simple Boy. The drama unfolded when Stevo Simple Boy shared affectionate pictures of the mesmerizing Mombasa-based TikToker, Trisha Khalid. The captivating curves possessed by Trisha have certainly caused many sleepless nights for men around the city.

Recently, Vishy retaliated with a sly comment, leaving netizens speculating about her ability to move on. In an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Vishy adamantly denied still being in love with her ex-boyfriend.

“Listen up! I’ve got my own man now. When I leave a comment, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s directed at Stevo. I didn’t even mention his name,” she clarified with confidence.

Vishy reiterated that she has indeed moved on from their previous relationship, stating, “I simply commented as a fan.” She boldly declared that she has a new man in her life, whose identity she intends to keep under wraps. She even threw down the gauntlet for Trisha, challenging her to step forward and face her head-on.

“Trisha Khalid Kuja unichape basi!!!” Pritty Vishy fearlessly responded during the interview. In response, Trisha cunningly urged Stevo to manage his former flames.

To prove her detachment from Stevo, Vishy tantalized her followers by sharing an enticing snapshot of a muscular gentleman, claiming that he is her latest catch. “My man is giving me sleepless nights,” she coyly confessed to Dj Starvy.

The chemistry between them was palpable, leaving her fans delighted and eager for more. The captivating socialite, hailing from the vibrant neighborhood of Kibera, blessed her followers with a breathtaking photo of the man she affectionately tagged as a Dj.

To emphasize her admiration for him, she also treated her audience to a video where he confidently showcased his chiseled abs in a mirror selfie.

“Tell me why he has to record himself kwa changing room only to show me his packs my one and only,” Vishy captioned the handsome man’s display.

In response, he enthusiastically shared, “Just waking up and gaze who,” while playfully tagging her account.

He added, “I have been waiting for this day to show the world it’s you I wanna be with. Thank you for accepting us to go public on our without you will be boring,” tagging her with a red heart emoji.

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