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Pritty Vishy: Why I cheated on Stivo Simple Boy

Singer Stivo Simple Boy’s ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has come out to shed light on what led to their breakup.

According to Pritty Vishy things did not work out between them because she was not attracted to him.

The TikToker’s revelation comes barely days after the singer publicly stated that wasn’t his type of woman.

“We were boyfriend and girlfriend and he had even introduced me to his family, but it was not a romantic relationship. He was never attractive to me. I won’t lie. And that’s the reason I was cheating. Stivo was a good man, yes he was kind and humble but he was not attractive,” Vishy said.

The content creator further said she never shared any form of intimacy with the singer.

“Right now if you ask Stivo how I look without clothes he cannot describe (it) because he has never seen me without (clothes),” Vishy said.

She also recalled times when she would visit the singer at his place and when she’d attempt to make a change of clothes the singer would either walk out and give her privacy or cover up so as not to see her naked.

Vishy, happily stated that she does not feel bad about how things turned out between her and Stivo, and neither does she regret her actions.

“I can’t feel bad about how things went down because I didn’t lose anything. Stivo and I have never seen each other naked nor have we kissed,” she said.

The TikTok star further stated that she never agreed to her ex-boyfriend’s belief of no sex before marriage.

“These things happen and the way people say things like no sex until marriage is something Stivo and I were not on the same page about. I had not agreed to it and that’s why I was cheating. Even when you go buy a car, you must first test the engine and see if it works,” she said.

Vishy went on to disclose what she was looking for in a man when she was cheating on the musician.

“I was looking for someone fun, one who I can have a conversation with and feel heard, someone who understands my emotions, you know? Stivo never knew how to read me. He never cared, although I know he loved me.”

She, however, confessed that she is yet to move on following that break.

“I don’t have a boyfriend as I am yet to move on,” she said.