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Pritty Vishy’s ‘advice’ to Stivo Simple Boy’s fiance

Social media influencer Pritty Vishy has laughed off the move by his ex-boyfriend Stivo Simple Boy to propose to his new girlfriend.

In a YouTube interview with Mungai Eve, the influencer, real name Purity Vishenwa, also critiqued the proposal and argued it was not properly planned.

“How do you announce that you’re going to propose?” she posed.

“Isn’t a proposal supposed to be a surprise? How is it that the woman’s crew is standing next to the men’s crew, then in a little while after the guy has been talked to he turns and proposes to the lady?”

Pritty Vishy also shared her thoughts on the lady who replaced her and suggested the proposal might be ‘fake’.

” I am not jealous and I have nothing against him. Where he hit me though was by replacing me with someone taller,” she said.

“I am literally happy for him because I have even moved on. If it’s all true then I am happy for them,”

Pritty also indicated she wouldn’t mind being friends with him.

“I would like him to be my friend. The fact that we broke up doesn’t mean we’re enemies. You never know how we can help each other out in the future,”

When asked about the one piece of advice she’d give to Stevo’s wife-to-be, Pritty said that teaching him the ways to best love her is all she needs to worry about.

“I didn’t get the chance to show him the romantic way. Teach him, and try to show him what he needs to know,”

“I will definitely attend his wedding. I would like to see him and his woman exchange vows.”

The ‘Mihadarati’ crooner, born Stephen Otieno, recently proposed to his new girlfriend.