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Private security industry applauds annulment of new rules

By Amina Wako November 22nd, 2019 1 min read

Security associations have hailed a moved by the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi to annul the stringent private security licensing regulations.

In a statement, the Joint Associations of Security Guards said they are keen to engage the government and willing stakeholders in building and strengthening the industry.

“We seek to engage with Government and willing stakeholders in building the foundation for Regulations that will align with the recommendations outlined by the National Assembly. Many areas need to be addressed moving forward and structures and schedules are being put in,” read the statement.


They added: “The association has also taken steps towards advising their members towards the new developments.”

Previously, the private security industry associations had protested the regulations stating that if implemented, more than 500,000 security guards risk losing their jobs.

“It’s based on the incontinence that we made a recommendation that this regulation is annulled. It is the considered opinion and recommendation of this particular committee that the regulations and the consideration be annulled entirely following the law,” said Murungara George Gitonga, who moved the motion to annul the act.

The regulations whose implementation deadline was January required capacity training of all security guards’ companies and employees.

The private security companies, through a memorandum to the National Assembly, had asked that the time provided to effect the regulation be extended to 3 years to allow all the private security players to comply accordingly.