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Prized free Wi-fi takes youth atop bridge

A group of youth’s quest for online information and communication in Equatorial Guinea has led them to the top of a bridge, having discovered a free wireless local area network (Wi-fi) hotspot at the venue.

The youth numbering in tens spend hours on the bridge on a daily basis, surfing free internet which is widely believed to be the property of the nearby five star Hotel de Agosto.

The hotel is currently housing distinguished guests including top football officials and diplomats who are part of the contingent in town for the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations.

Internet connection for all residents at the facility is offered as part of the accomodation package costs.

“I am grateful for the free Internet which I use to chat with my girlfriend and also source for important information about where I can find a job,” one of the youths told Nairobi News.

The advent of online information during the past ten years has resulted to in several consumers of online information due to the growing number of news and other information based websites.

Online social media platfrorms such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp are particularly popular with the youth.