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Mutua: Project X Squared ‘sex party’ won’t happen under my watch

The CEO of the Kenya Film Classification Board, Ezekiel Mutua has pledged to put a stop to a sex party dubbed ‘Project X Squared’ that is expected to take place on March 18th in Nairobi.

A poster has been doing the rounds on social media publicizing the sex party at Kahawa Sukari, Isiolo road, whose entry fee is “4 studded rubbers”.

Mr Mutua has however said that the board has reported the matter to the police who have been put on the lookout for any such activities and also hunt for the people behind the party.

Last year, the authorities outlawed a planned similar party in Nairobi following public outcry. At the time, the party had been dubbed “the biggest sex party” in town.

“We are aware of the latest Project X Squared which according to the poster is set to happen on the 18th of this month. However, we have reported the matter to the police who are now searching for the organizers,” said Mr Mutua.

The KFCB boss further urged parents to keep a close eye on their children who he says are a target of foreign content that is not good for them.

“With the media encouraging the culture of socialites and sponsors, our children are prone to be victims of individuals with malicious intentions. Therefore it is our job to advise them and stop them from going overboard,” he said.


The poster publicizing the The Project X Squared, sex party. PHOTO | COURTESY
The poster publicizing the The Project X Squared, sex party. PHOTO | COURTESY

Mr Mutua said the board has proof that ‘Project X Squared’ is part of a wider sex syndicate operated by foreign NGOs in collaboration with local underlings, targeting children for use in the production of pornographic films for sale in foreign countries.

Last year after KFCB stopped the Project X Party, some 200 youths attempted to stage a similar party in Lang’ata which was also foiled.

The youths spent the night at Lang’ata Police Station and were released to their parents and guardians the following day while a Sudanese national, whose house was being used to host the party, was arrested and charged in court.

Project X is a name that comes from a 2012 movie which was popular because the characters planned to gain popularity by throwing a party, a plan which quickly escalated out of their control.

“Where virgins become leaders,” reads the party’s slogan on a poster that has gone viral on social media.

Another tagline on the poster reads: “Remember we are lovers, just Friends with Benefits.”

“While the board has undertaken to eliminate such parties, we are aware that such meetings are happening secretly, especially within the wealthy urban residences. Increasing vigilance will go a long way in dealing with this menace
conclusively,” Mutua said.