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Promises Ruto has struggled to keep in his first 100 days

By Winnie Onyando December 23rd, 2022 2 min read

President William Ruto made a raft of promises as he campaigned across the country ahead of the August 2022 polls.

The Head of State further stressed he intended to keep some of the promises within his first 100 days of assuming office.

So which of these promises have been kept?

1. Hustler Fund –  The Head of State said he will set up a fund where Kenyans will access and borrow money for business at no interest.

“When I talk about changing the way things are done in this country to help small traders, some people get angry with me. I have thought about it and it can be done,” said Ruto at one of his rallies.

Specifically, the fund was meant to assist handcart pushers, grocers, and bodaboda operators.

The promise has been kept, albeit partially.

The Hustler Fund was recently launched and Kenyans are allowed to borrow at low-interest rates. The monies are to be repaid after 14 days.

Loans from the kitty range from a minimum of Ksh.500 to as high as Ksh.50,000 at an 8 percent pro-rated basis or a daily rate of 0.002 percent.

2. Lower cost of living – The Head of State consistently vowed to lower the cost of living upon assuming office. He has struggled to keep this promise.

Instead, President Ruto has removed all the subsidies put in place by former president Uhuru Kenyatta’s regime aimed at cushioning Kenyans against the increase in prices.

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As a result, the prices of fuel, Unga, and electricity have increased by up to 50%.

The Head of State however maintains he has a plan.

Speaking at the groundbreaking event of the Soweto East Zone B Social Housing, Kibra, Nairobi County, Ruto said he plans to eventually reduce the cost of living.

“I have started the journey to lower Unga prices and reduce the cost of living, just give me one year,” he said.

3. Free NHIF cover – While addressing a campaign rally on March 29, 2022, President Ruto promised all Kenyans that they will be able to access the National Hospital Insurance Fund before December 1, 2023.

“Before December this year, everyone will be accessing NHIF,” he said.

The vow remains a pipe dream.

4. 50-50 gender balance on Cabinet appointments –  On June 10, 2022, President Ruto signed a women’s charter detailing policy interventions that his government will put in place when he forms the government.

Among the promises included addressing issues of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), and ensuring the inclusion of women in leadership positions.

“On behalf of the Kenya Kwanza, I commit that an agency will be formed to directly cater to women’s issues. The agency which will be domiciled at the office of the President will be led by a female official. This official will also be sitting at the cabinet,” he said.

The Head of State has however struggled to keep these promises as only 7 out of 20 Cabinet Secretaries and 12 out of 51 Principal Secretaries are women.

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