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Prophet Lovy prays ‘demonic’ brain tumor out of young Caucasian woman

By Winnie Mabel September 27th, 2023 2 min read

During a church service at Prophet Lovy Elias Logomba’s Revelation Church of Jesus Christ in Los Angeles, California, a Caucasian woman revealed how his prayers for her daughter resulted in her brain tumor disappearing. The woman’s testimony left both Prophet Lovy and the entire church in awe, praising Jesus as the woman detailed her daughter’s medical history and how doctors finally confirmed that she no longer had a brain tumor.

The unnamed woman’s testimony dated back to December 2022 when she and her daughter joined a line of people who wanted to be prayed for by Prophet Lovy because her child was having bad migraines and menstrual cycle related complications.

“We couldn’t figure out what it was and you laid hands on her and she went under. You said pick her back up and she went under again. After that, all of her symptoms that she was having then went away completely. That was in December but she had been having issues for so long but I still wanted to figure out what the problem was so I continued to seek doctors to find out exactly what it was that happened,” began the woman.

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She then mentioned the tests her daughter underwent brought back results of high levels results and the doctors had to check again after a couple of months. Unfortunately, her levels actually increased. The daughter was then scheduled for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in March 2023 and a tumor was discovered sitting on her pituitary gland. The mother revealed she was left in paralyzing fear and unable to make the next arrangements for her child. The doctors had told them to look out for vision loss and seizures.

“In June, you called her out. You prayed for her. You said she was dealing with a spirit of depression and suicide; and you said that the demon that had done that had left a growth and you ask ‘where is the growth’ and she said ‘it is in my brain’. And we had just gotten that confirmation. You said that when this demon was being arrested and going back to the pit, it was taking that growth with it and that it wouldn’t be there anymore. So we went back to the doctors and on Tuesday, she got her MRI and we went back on Friday to have the results read. I have the results here, they couldn’t find anything,” revealed the woman.

Prophet Lovy led the jubilant church in celebrating the Lord as a random medical practitioner was called upon for from the congregation to explain the MRI results to the church. She confirmed that the young woman no longer had a tumor in her brain.